General Contractor

We take a disciplined, no-nonsense approach to construction, and we’re transparent throughout the entire process. We encourage you to ask us questions and put our over 50 years of experience to the test.

The contractor buzz phrases are “on time,” “on budget” and “on schedule.” The next time a contractor uses these phrases, ask the following questions:

  • How do you intend to deal with a diminishing supply of skilled tradesmen to complete your fast-track job?

  • How will you manage the “low bid” subcontractors who are marginal in performance and financially undercapitalized?

  • How will you avoid cost overruns when the drawings are incomplete and his contractors are demanding written change orders before they proceed with more work?

  • How will you implement a job site safety program?

  • How would you handle a surprise OSHA inspection?

  • What will you do about the bureaucratic delays caused by an angry building inspector that could stall your project for days or even weeks?

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